I had a PPI claim that was declined. Can I get this overturned?

I had a PPI claim that was declined.  Can I get this overturned? 

In the past, many people have had Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims declined.  Just because you had PPI, did not mean a guarantee of success.  Many of the lenders decline claims with inappropriate excuses due to the very nature of the complaints process.  If someone dealt with a claim themselves, or it was not dealt with effectively by a third party, the claim itself could be dead in the water – or so we thought.

What is PPI? 

Many people who have had PPI claims declined will know what PPI is.  Whilst there has been disappointment in the loss of the claim, there is potential now to look at reigniting the declined PPI claim cases by reopening the claim, and to also look at the potential for further compensation.

Why was my PPI claim declined?

 By its very nature, PPI was an insurance which was attached to several different types of financial products.  These ranged from credit cards, loans, mortgages, HP and store card facilities.  Just because somebody had PPI, this did not mean that it was necessarily mis-sold.  PPI claims were declined for several reasons as follows: –

  1. There might have been a genuine reason why PPI was taken. It may have been used and enjoyed by the client, but also;
  1. The lending institutions work on the assumption that the majority of people will, once a claim is declined, not take it further forward to be reviewed by the Financial Ombudsman. Therefore, regardless of whether the claim was declined correctly, or not, it was not reviewed by a third party.

What is Plevin? 

Plevin is a legal case that ended in 2014.  As a result of the ruling, it may well mean that if you had a PPI claim in the past which was declined, this can be reopened to not only look at the sale of the PPI, but also to consider whether any hidden commission was paid to a third party with the PPI payments that you made.

In the Plevin court case, Mrs Plevin took on her financial institution, Paragon, and successfully recovered her PPI by way of a mis-sale.  Subsequently, she found out that commission had been paid on this initial premium to a third party.  This was not detailed in the paperwork and so she challenged its validity.  The Supreme Court ruled in her favour.

This means that anyone who has had any commission paid on premiums in the past, whether a claim has been made and declined, accepted or has not yet made, can look at obtaining further or additional compensation by way of the Plevin ruling.

How will Plevin help? 

As a result of the Plevin case, PPI can be looked at again.   There is a strong argument that this can be looked at even if your case has been declined in the past.  The case itself can be reopened because if you paid the hidden commission, the lender did not deal with this aspect when declining your claim.

Therefore, because the hidden commission was not being detailed to you at the time it was being applied, then the knock-on effect could well be that the commission can be looked at and, more importantly, the PPI case can be reopened, even if it was declined in the past.

What we can do to help 

We have a great deal of experience resolving financial complaints and have been doing this since the late 1990s.

We can certainly help with regards to the PPI aspect of any previously declined claim and we can also consider the Plevin aspect arising from the recent ruling, either together or separately on your behalf.

We work purely on a no win no fee basis.  Therefore, if we are unsuccessful in obtaining a refund on your behalf, then there is no fee to pay.

Martin Knipe