Claim Back PPI Using A PPI Company

Looking to claim back PPI using a PPI claims company? RYM Claims aim to give you the best possible service in claiming back mis-sold PPI

Over the past 20 years you probably took out a mortgage, loan or a credit card and with this there was a good chance that you were probably sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance).

Many folks that were mis-sold PPI did not need this so this has led to many people wanting to claim ppi back. Originally, the insurance was designed to protect you from illness or injury – to protect your monthly payments.

In 2011 the UK’s leading banks lost a high court battle, where they were forced to pay compensation to individuals who were mis-sold PPI. The major banks such as Barclays, NatWest, HSBC, RBS, Lloyds TSB have given out a lot of provisions for claims and have therefore, set out over £15 billion to give back to their customers.

In 2013 it has been said by the financial ombudsman service that there are now over 2000 cases a day as more and more individuals want to pursue claims. Customers who claim back PPI are getting an average compensation of £3000, which has cost banks billions of pounds.

Who we are:

We are different to other PPI claims companies because we not only offer the highest quality service to our customers but when you make an enquiry with us we will make sure it is dealt with immediately.  We ensure that your claim is dealt with to the highest standard.

History of Mis-selling

Over a decade or so ago, banks, building societies and other lenders have been accused of mis selling ppi to people for taking our a mortgage or a loan. It was felt that this would help people protect their loan and mortgage but there was no need for people to but PPI as they did not need it. However, banks wanted to make the most profit and therefore, continued selling ppi to customers, despite the fact that they were aware of the opposition and consumer groups that were opposed to this.

If you are a victim of being mis sold PPI then you should not hesitate in reclaiming back PPI.

There are laws in the UK that give customers a legal right to claim back ppi.

I want to make PPI claims with your company what is the best way to do this?

If you would like to claim back ppi then you can easily do this by simply filling out the form on our website and then click send.  Once you have done this our friendly, and experienced claims advisors will call you and guide you on how you can pursue your claim and will assess you as to whether you are eligible to start a claim that would give entitle you to gain compensation.


Or if you wish to speak to someone on the phone, then you can call our company and our team will help you claim back your ppi straight away.

Our company has helped clients recover thousands of pounds in compensation with many successful payouts. As a result of this our success rate has been high and we have had happy customers for mis sold payment protection insurance.

There have been times when some people have tried to make claims themselves only to realise that this is a difficult process. Therefore, the best way is to use our company and let our advisors take care of everything else.

All you need to do is to make your  PPI claims is to fill in the from on this page and we will deal with the rest.

How long will it take for a PPI Claim?

A successful ppi claim takes about 2-4 months on average for the person to receive compensation. If it is sent to a Financial Ombudsman then the ppi claim can take longer.

On some occasions due to the huge back log of ppi cases it may take longer as they might be held up by lenders/banks, however, there are times when ppi cases can be completed within weeks. If the claimant can prove that there were mis-sold payment protection then this can add more weight to their case.

There are times when people are unsure as to how much money they can claim back for their mis sold ppi. These people can use a ppi claims calculator. The only downside of using this is that it is not a good indictor as to how much money the claimant is entitled to. The best way to go about doing this is to contact the ppi claims company by calling

Why should you use our company, To Make Your claims

There are several reasons as to why you should choose to use our company

The team at RYM Claims Ltd have a lot of experience in dealing with ppi claims and bank charges and are experts in helping people get a successful payout.

Also we have have been trading a long time and have resulted in people claiming back thousands of pounds in mis-sold PPI.

We also offer a 100% no win no fee policy. This means if your claims are unsuccessful it will cost you nothing to use the services of our company.

There are also no hidden charges or fees.

After you have made a claim with us our dedicated claims agents will be happy to assist you. Throughout the time you have made your claim our PPI Claims Company will be happy to answer your queries and would be willing to send you updates in regards to your case.

Our PPI Claims company is different to other companies because we believe in helping you get the best possible compensation package, and you can be sure to trust us to do the job for you.