Chargeback Request Refund Refused by Royal Bank of Scotland


April 18  

Have you had a chargeback or section 75 credit card claim rejected by Royal Bank of Scotland?  With the current financial crisis that has arisen following the Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lock downs that have been introduced worldwide, claims which ordinarily would have been satisfied are now likely to be challenged and rejected.

Many people and businesses have made payments for items or services especially in relation to travel and holidays that are unlikely to be fulfilled, have already been cancelled or where there is considerable doubt on whether they will go ahead. If you have made payment for these by way of either a credit card or your bank debit card you can look at recovering the cost in full from the credit card provider or your bank account provider.

What is a Section 75 claim?

A section 75 claim is one that is made against a credit card provider where a transaction has been purchased through that credit card, resulting in the product or service that has been purchased not being fulfilled. For instance if you have purchased flights and subsequently as a result of the Coronavirus the airline has cancelled the flight it is unlikely that a holiday firm is liable for the refund which is when a section 75 claim can be made against the credit card provider.

The consumer credit act provides protections for consumers in relation to the purchase of goods and services that are not provided. A claim can be made and the full amount up to a value of between £100 and £30,000 which can be claimed. Although there is a legal requirement to make these refunds it is likely many will be challenged as we find ourselves in unprecedented times in relation to the financial consequence of the Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown of the world’s economies.

Lenders including credit card companies are likely to tighten all refunds and deflect any claims by way of either rejecting or to another financial party to deal with the claim.

What is a Bank Account Chargeback?

The chargeback scheme is not written in law but is an agreement where the providers of debit cards which can be found with all the major banks and provided on their current accounts, namely through Visa, MasterCard and AMEX offer the same degree of protection as is provided if a credit card was used.

We expect that many of the claims against bank accounts through the chargeback are likely to be challenged due to the sheer numbers that could be involved. Even so it is worth challenging any rejection of a claim. Ironically if you were overdrawn when making the transaction for the goods and services being claimed with the Royal Bank of Scotland then there is the opportunity to claim not through the normal chargeback method but via the consumer credit act which you are then covered under. There is no lower amount limitation but that the higher amount limitation is £30,000.

What will Happen with Royal Bank of Scotland Chargeback claims?

There will be significant numbers of claims in relation to either a section 75 claim or a debit card chargeback purely down to the scale and impact of the Coronavirus on many aspects of business. Highlighting travel and holiday arrangements which have in effect all but stopped and purchases cancelled.

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