Facebook and Identity Theft

The cases of identity theft in the online world inevitably grow as people who operate on ugly schemes find various ways on how they can carry out their plans. At present, what these people need are effective channels and platforms. Among the ones they can readily use are the social media networks, not to mention the biggest there is: Facebook.

facebook and identoty theft

Why Do They Do It on Facebook?

Needless to mention, Facebook is a perfect arena for this dirty method. The reason is primarily because the platform is available for everybody. Creating an account is really a piece of cake. Anybody – as long as they have a valid email address – can finish setting up one in a matter of less than ten minutes. Moreover, it is a virtual world. You can be who you want to be. You can be one of the many Angelina Jolies out there. You can even be the reincarnation of Michael Jackson. Basically, you can represent anybody you fancy through posting of fake pictures and information.

The Notorious Modus

There are people who create other accounts solely for fun. They may choose to delete them after utilization. However, the bad guys will do it for purposes advantageous to them. There have been several instances of people stealing the identity of others in order to gain the trust of others (whom the victims know). And from there, a multitude of negative operations happen.

How to Avoid Being a Victim

The ways on how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft are quite elementary. First off, privacy options must be set. Actually, this is a right of every user affiliated with any form of social media. When you do not disclose your information to the public, people would less likely get your sensitive information and they won’t be able to use them to their advantage. The idea is to limit the number of people who can access your account. If you want, you can limit it only to your close friends, so you can feel assured that the pictures and all the details you post on Facebook are only seen by those who you know. Or do you really know all them? One more thing is that you have to make certain that anyone you add to your friends’ list is at least an acquaintance. You’ll never know the intention of people who want to add you as a friend even though you don’t know them nor do you have any mutual friends.

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