How to Stay Safe online and Avoid Identity Theft


January 26  

Today, you do not only lose your personal properties to thieves. Modern thieves and crooks also steal your identity. Yes, with the advent of the internet we are witnessing a sharp rise in the instances of a new cybercrime –identity theft. This is one of the fastest rising crimes of today, not only in developed countries but all over the world.

stay safe online identity theft

What does these new breed of thieves steal from you?

With identity theft, the culprits steal valuable information about you which is actually your identity, your good name and credit standing. Typically, the things stolen by these cyber criminals are your SSS number, bank account numbers and credit card information. The purpose of identity theft is to get information about you, use the information to steal money and leave you to pay for the stolen money.

How to avoid identity theft?

Identity theft can happen in different scenarios – from the internet and from print media. So, you need to try your best to avoid the things that can give the culprits access to personal information about you.

  • Dispose of your credit card billing statements and other mail from banks and lending institutions properly. Burn or shred these so that they cannot be found and used by criminals. Once the criminals get the information, they may be able to access your bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Be watchful of spam mails in your email inbox. Never give any financial information to queries in the emails, especially if the sender is a total stranger to you. Never click a link in your email or social media site. The identity thieves might be trying to pose as some reliable and trustworthy sources so as to get access to valuable information about you.
  • Give warning to the members of your households. Tell them about this new crime so that when strangers ask information about you, they can protect your identity.
  • There is one kind of insurance policy that can protect you against fraud and identity theft. You can sign up with an insurer that covers identity protection.

You should know how rampant identity theft is. In order not to be victimized, safeguard all your personal information by not giving them to any person who is not known to you. This new type of crime is rampant in the modern world of internet and cyber-crimes. Do your best to remain safe from issues arising out of identity theft.

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