Identity Theft Watch your Credit Report


January 24  

All financial experts advise that you need to check on your credit report from time to time. Monitoring your credit report will prevent you from being a victim of identity theft. People complain about the bad manner of conducting business in the financial market and think that this is what invites id theft crimes. However, studies made on the behavior of the economic parameters show that people who suffer ID theft crimes are not proactive. A lot of people do not think their credit rating is an important factor, and they only take notice of this when identity thieves attack them.

identity theft credit report tipsUsual reason for checking the credit rating

People check on their credit rating whenever they want to borrow money. The credit rating speaks of your success or failure to pay your loan accounts, including your credit card bill. This is no longer the sole reason today why you are advised to monitor your credit score.

Prime reason to check credit rating

Today, the more important reason why people are taking a look at their credit rating is to prevent identity theft. ID theft criminals can use your identity in obtaining loans using your credit card or personal credentials. It takes time to repair your identity after this crime, so it becomes paramount to protect yourself from this fast rising crime by checking your credit report on a regular basis.

What is identity theft?

Id theft is stealing of your identity by another person. The thief makes use of your hacked personal information and commits crimes in your name. The main intention is to gain financial benefits such as using your credit card and leaving you accountable for his purchases.

If you are a victim of identity theft, it may take time before you discover it. Sometimes, you are caught unaware and you will only find out about it several years after when your credit history is completely tarnished.

How to check your credit report

There are major credit bureaus that handle credit rating. You can approach people in these bureaus or access your credit report through their website. To be on the safe side, you will just have to download one report every 4 months. The website has a built in calculator so you can use this to check on your credit rating. Your credit score will be based on the information in your credit report.

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