John Lewis Finance Travel Insurance Claim Rejected


April 15  

Have you had a travel insurance claim rejected by John Lewis Finance recently, either through the normal course of events leading to the cancellation or as a result of the Coronavirus? Many people as a result of the Coronavirus are likely to have their travel plans which are both current, in the near future and at a later date called into question.

The travel industry are reeling from the effects of the Coronavirus and the knock-on effect of not only losing future income but suffering consequences of having to refund or look at refunding payments made in relation to holidays, flights, accommodation and other excursions both home and abroad.

What affect will the Coronavirus have on your Travel Insurance claim?

Coronavirus is having a huge impact on all aspects of life globally. Many travel insurance companies and travel insurance providers such as John Lewis Finance are having to protect themselves from the almost entire holiday season having to be refunded. Holidays are being rescheduled as are flights and other travel arrangements. It is important to be wary of rescheduling any holiday as this might appear to be appealing but the insurance if you book in advance may not run through to this new booking or at least may not cover any travel disruption as a result of Coronavirus.

There are many question marks surrounding future travel arrangements as they can encompass more than one area of the world which will have different responses in relation to the Coronavirus. Lockdowns may well be different and restrictions on travel might not be the same. This can affect any travel insurance claim as it is not necessarily what the position is in this country not the position at your travel destination that is important.

Can you claim from elsewhere if unsuccessful with your travel insurance?

There is a possibility that if your travel insurance cover does not cover you in regards to a refund other routes may be available. This is primarily in relation to non-package account holidays where travel companies are covered by travel insurance schemes like (ATOL) but to individual bookings of flights, accommodation and other arrangements.

  1. Section 75 Claim –

If a payment was made in relation to goods or services where the order cannot be fulfilled you can look at claiming against your credit card if payment was made this way under the consumer credit act.

  1. Chargeback –

If payment has been made by a debit card whilst the protection is not clear-cut as with a credit card claim there is an arrangement where providers of debit cards, MasterCard, AMEX and Visa will look at refunding any payments made. This is an informal agreement where we are expecting firms to challenge these requests as they mount up.

What Happens if your travel Insurance claim is Rejected by John Lewis Finance

If you have a travel insurance claim rejected by John Lewis Finance it is important to challenge this decision. You firstly do this through the John Lewis Finance by way of a complaint which is at that point formalised. They have eight weeks to reply to you and issue what is called a final response. At this point if the claim is rejected you have the opportunity to take the complaint forward through to the Financial Ombudsman for review.

Is your Travel Insurance claim Likely to be Rejected?

Before the Coronavirus there was a straightforward process of dealing with any travel insurance claim or loss as a result of travel arrangements having to be cancelled for whatever reason. Travel insurance companies were keen to promote travel insurance and the benefits. Even some banks offered travel insurance protection on their packaged current account facilities. However, we are now in incredibly unusual times in that 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of claims will be made through travel insurance and against credit cards and bank accounts as a result of trips and holidays being cancelled.

It is essential to detail in chronological order with as much information as possible the events from booking of any trips including transaction dates right the way through to the current position as information will be key to challenging any declined travel insurance claim.


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