John Lewis Finance Wedding Insurance Compensation Claim Rejected


April 15  

If you have had your John Lewis Finance wedding insurance claim rejected in the past but certainly now as a result of the Coronavirus and the impact that is being witnessed throughout all aspects of an individuals and businesses life it is worthwhile challenging to seek a successful conclusion.

Due to the all-encompassing nature of the Coronavirus and its effects globally, any form of wedding plans can be put into complete disarray. The reason being is that some weddings are based at home in the UK but others are abroad. Therefore any claim will reflect not only the restrictions in the UK but also will have to take into account restrictions if there are any abroad.

As an example you may have booked flights which are cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus but the venue where you are looking to hold the reception is open. The travel insurance company will therefore potentially look to declining your claim in relation to any aspects of the wedding that were not affected regardless of whether you could have physically attended or not.

What are the Options if John Lewis Finance decline your Wedding Insurance Claim

If the John Lewis Finance declines any aspects of the claim it is worthwhile challenging this both initially with the firm through a formalised complaint which they must respond to in detail with what is referred to as a letter of deadlock within an eight week period. Following which the Financial Ombudsman can be used to review and adjudicate in the dispute.

It is vital if you are doing this to detail the financial consequences of the Coronavirus and the claim that you are making. You will need to provide specifics not only in relation to transactions but also the subsequent costs.

The wedding list:

  1. Venue
  2. Clothing 
  3. Transport
  4. Honeymoon
  5. Cake 
  6. Entertainment
  7. Catering
  8. stag and hen party
  9. Flowers
  10. other guests

This is only a brief list and depending on the type of wedding can run into various other different aspects all of which need to be taken into account.

If your wedding insurance doesn’t cover all of the claim there may be an opportunity under either section 75 of the consumer credit act whereby you have paid for an item by way of a credit card.  Alternatively by chargeback if you have used a bank debit card in order to pay for any items to make a claim for individually arranged areas where payment has been made.

Many couples are likely to be considerably affected by the Coronavirus and the cancellation of their big day. Many others also involved in the wedding could be financially out of pocket and whilst this is unlikely to be covered by any wedding insurance there could be the possibility under the credit card or debit card scheme as detailed just above that they can make claims in relation to.

It is unusual to find one all-encompassing wedding plan which is organised for the whole day and it is more than likely that any wedding organisation will include all the elements as listed above which have been individually organised. It is therefore vital to write all of these down and the financial loss in order to make a satisfactory claim against any wedding insurance policy or to make a claim against the credit card or debit card provider.

What should I do if my wedding might be cancelled?

Information is vital in any form of claim and it is important to sit down and work out all the different financial aspects. There is so much uncertainty around the Coronavirus and lockdown that rescheduling any elements of the wedding booking will be at best problematic. At present you do not know when the lockdown will end and banning in the UK of wedding ceremonies being performed will be lifted. 

When they are lifted there is then no guarantee that you will be able to have the same venue and same associated wedding services as originally booked. There is likely to be a logjam all of which could affect your wedding. However, with the venues keen to maintain your booking it is likely they will offer dates in the future in order to avoid a claim against them.

It is important to contact all the various providers of services and goods in relation to the wedding to ascertain their position as it is today and also as it is likely to be in the near future depending on your wedding date.


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