How Do I Know if I Have Had PPI?

Clients or prospective clients have at some time or other either asked but certainly thought, how do I know if I have had PPI? The simple answer is you don’t and for this very reason is why you should find out. In fact don’t beat yourself up most people do not know if they had PPI, why should they. So if you do receive a scam call or text saying you are due a refund or contact this number as we have established that you have had PPI and can make a claim they are as we call in the trade, lying!

Payment Protection Insurance is a cover that was historically applied by the banks, building societies, mortgage and loan lenders and any other firm that you care to think of that provided finance. Yes this most importantly includes credit cards a facility that so many people dismiss or overlook. Remember those credit cards we all had in the 1990 through to the new millennium, yes those are the ones well so many of them had PPI and no one even knew they were paying. If you have had a credit card in the past and have not made a claim you must let us look to see if PPI was applied.

So you have no paperwork, you can’t remember if you had paid Payment Protection Insurance and if you did surely all of the borrowing you had was too long ago. Guess what if you can’t remember it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter how long ago and if you don’t have any paperwork it is not a problem, we can answer all these questions and if the answer is no there is not going to be a refund then there is no fee to pay as we work on a purely no win no fee basis.

The most important information you have is the name of the lender, again it doesn’t matter if the lender is in business or not or if someone on line says they are difficult. With this we can contact them and with a bit of nagging they are normally able to provide the details to see if you ever had PPI. If the lender for some reason and after a fair bit of nagging cannot find the details or if there was no PPI then there is no fee to pay. The only time we charge a fee is if we can obtain a refund on your behalf in which case we charge a fee of 25% inc the VAT of the refund.

So it doesn’t matter whether you know if you have had PPI, all you need to do is contact us and provide a list of the lenders where you have had facilities in the past or present. Remember these include Loans and credit cards, don’t forget the credit cards everyone forget s them but they can have the largest refunds, as any refund is made with interest at the prevailing rate of the facility that it was charged as credit cards often had interest of 25% plus!