Making a PPI Claim With No Proof of Account

Payment protection insurance commonly referred to as PPI is an insurance cover that aims to help the consumer in making payments in case of illness, loss of income, or death. It basically cushions a consumer when in distress. However, over the years banks took advantage of the cover and grossly mis-sold it to millions of consumers. Mis-selling PPI means that the consumer does not qualify for the cover thus cannot make a claim, or was not provided with all the information or the cover was made mandatory so as to obtain a loan among others. Today, PPI complaints take up the bulk of all bank complaints (62%) in the UK.

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Making a PPI Claim With No Proof of Account

Making a PPI claim with no proof of Account numbers or account details is no problem at all. We can look into any claim as long as we know the name of the lender who you took the finance with. The finance can be anything from Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages or HP. The most important information is the name of the lender and your name and address this pretty much opens all the doors we need to look into whether PPI was applied or not.

It maybe that after contacting the firm they could want some additional information but in the vast majority of cases it can be located from your name and address. The other information a firm may ask for is a date of birth.

The vast majority of people do not know account details or whether PPI was in place or not which is not a problem and we gladly look into claims of this nature on a no win no fee basis. If there is no PPI or for some reason that the lender cannot find the details there is of course no fee to pay.

I don’t know if I have had PPI and how can I find out

If you don’t know if you have had PPI and want to find out we can help. The vast majority of people are unaware if they had PPI in the past or present and are confused as to how to find this out and whether the firm is going to provide the information to allow them to do this.

This is where we can easily step in and take the problem of establishing this away from you. As long as you know the name of the lender or lenders that you want us to look into over whatever period you have had facilities with them. A number of cases we have concluded are into the 1990’s and several although more unusually the 1980’s. We can then with your agreement contact the lenders and establish with them whether PPI was applied on any of the facilities. If it was applied we can then contact them with a view to recovering the PPI by way of a claim.

About 50% of people are unaware if they had PPI applied to any accounts particularly in the past and with there being over 3 million policies unclaimed just since 2001 it is certainly worthwhile checking

I have no proof I have had PPI

If you have no proof you have had PPI that is no problem. The majority of people who have had any form of finance in the past are unaware if PPI was applied. This is particularly true with credit cards but also involves Loans, Mortgages, HP or car finance. The reason why the vast majority of people don’t know is because it was missold and not properly explained so any payment to it will be ignored as you are likely to believe it is just required to have the facility which you applied for.

We are always delighted to help anyone who has no paperwork or they just cannot remember if any PPI was applied. After receiving your instruction we contact the lender or lenders and establish the facilities you had and whether PPI was added. If it was not added or for some reason the lender cannot locate the details then there is no fee at all to pay. Our success fee of 25% inc the VAT is only payable if we are successful in recovering any PPI. With this in mind it is certainly worth checking.

We can still help you make a claim even if you have no paperwork

We can still help you make a claim even if you have no paperwork; in fact it is the bread and butter of our business. Because we have a small team been dealing with bank complaints for 15 years we are used to tracking information down from banks and not taking any excuse for a final answer. About 80% of people have no paperwork relating certainly to old facilities with banks, particularly old loans and credit cards so there is no way of knowing if PPI was applied on any particular facility.

This certainly does not stop you from finding this out through us. What we look at doing is contacting any lender you want us to look into; this is the only information we do need. When we contact them we establish any facilities that you may have had and in turn whether any of these facilities had PPI applied or not.

If the facilities that you want us to look into and we can go back over 15 years in some cases we can then approach the firm regarding any missale that took place with a view to a recovery of the PPI premiums paid and interest