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October 4  

Pension claims company reviews are a useful factor to determine which claims company you may wish to use to undertake research, and potential recovery, of any missold Pensions or Pension arrangements that you have or had in the past.  Claims companies have sprung up in considerable numbers since 2009.  

Unfortunately Claims Management Companies have largely got a poor name although they have shrunk in number and are now regulated but the Financial Conduct Authority, a far stricter regime.  Therefore if you do use one, it is important to do some research in establishing which Firm to use. All Claims Management Firms should be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the claims management department, where they should have a reference number.  Once you have established that they have a reference number (which should be located on their website, or if they do contact you direct should be given to you straight away) you can then look into the Firm a little further and look at reviews from other people who have used the Firm in the past.  

Pension Claims Company Reviews

Unfortunately, these reviews can be biased, and if people do have bad experiences (which invariably, even with good Firms – people can, as it is a personal taste as to whether a Firm has worked for them correctly or not in some cases).  It is not the Firm’s fault, for example, if a Pension is decided to have been sold correctly particularly if they have not been charged a fee. However, that is probably in the minority, and in fact the majority of people who do have bad experiences with Claims Management Companies are usually for genuine reasons.  It is therefore worth checking for underlying factors in making a decision with regard to this. 

Anyone who is handing over their personal financial details or authority for a Firm to contact a Bank/Lender or Financial Service provider to obtain these details on their behalf, must do so with the knowledge that they can trust the Firm.  Therefore a useful tip is to check the contact details of the Claims Management Company. For example, do they use a Freephone or “0845” service?; Do they use their own name and address (giving you further comfort that they are a genuine Firm)?  This is because they are providing details of themselves for your perusal. In addition, how did the Firm contact you in the first place? Was it you being proactive in contacting them via a website from a search that you undertook, or did you receive contact from them either by telephone, email or text message?  Again, one must always look at how the contact was made. If it was made by the Firm and not yourself, then again this is something that you should be wary of, and certainly not agree to them representing you until you have either researched their business further, or undertaken some research yourself so that you may decide whether that Firm was the correct one to use. 

It is always of benefit to drop whoever you are wishing to represent you a quick email to see who responds back to you, whether it is just a standard or automated response or it is from an individual who will be responsible for your case and confirming their experience in doing so. 

Our small team have been dealing with complaints against Banks since 1999 in some cases and therefore we have tremendous experience in looking at many different varieties of disputes that clients have.  We are well placed to deal with the mis-selling of Pensions, and certainly establishing in cases where people have not got any details, information with regards to Pensions that they wish to complain about due to the age of the facility.  

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