Can I Claim for a Mis-sold Pension if I have no Policy Number

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October 8  

Can you make a claim for a mis-sold Pension if you do not know a policy number, you do not have the paperwork or reference numbers available for the Pension or Pensions (as they may well have been closed some time ago) and the paperwork has been long destroyed?  

The simple answer is yes.

You can look at firstly establishing if you had a Pension policy and what type, which we do for our clients.  We do this by contacting the provider as long as you know whom this is. As long as you know the provider, we can do this for you.  Once approaching the provider (who can be reluctant to provide information) we will continue to contact them until we believe a full search of your files has taken place, regardless of how long ago the facilities would have been in place.  

The vast majority of people do not have these records or policy details.  Do not let this put you off from making a claim as there could be a considerable sum of money available by way of a refund should the Pension be mis-sold, at least if there is no mis-sale you will have established this and it would not have cost you anything in the process. 

In recent years, PPI has become a huge scandal that the Banks have had to address and has been all over the press and media.  We are now seeing a shift to Pensions in that the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) have in recent years conducted a number of reviews as concerns are growing about not only individual providers but also types of Pension policy such as SIPPS and Final salary transfers which are seen as having considerable future problems for clients finances.

It is therefore essential, that any facilities you may well have had in the past, regardless of the length of time since having them (whether they are open or closed) that you look into these to establish if the Pension arrangements that you have were set up correctly and performing as they should. If they have been mis-sold we can look at then addressing the issue with the provider or seller of the Pension product. 

We work on a purely “No Win No Fee” basis whereby we make all initial contact with the Provider to establish if the Pension was sold correctly.  From this we will make a claim if it is established that it is in place and was mis-sold. Our fee where there is a successful claim is 24% including the VAT of any successful claim.  In the majority of claims, most of our clients, when first contacting, do not have any information whatsoever on the facilities that they had with providers – only the names of the provider concerned.  


We have been working and dealing with clients’ complaints now for approximately 19 years and as such have a wealth of experience in dealing with the Lenders concerned and once established, reclaiming any mis-sold insurance. 


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