PPI Claims Lost Paperwork or Missing Documents

PPI Claims where you have lost the paperwork? Does that apply to you are you concerned that you cannot make a claim because you have lost paperwork you had with those old Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages or Hire Purchase.

With all of the media coverage over recent years there are about 3 million people who could claim for missold PPI but something is holding them back. One of the main reasons is they feel that they cannot look at reclaiming missold PPI as they have lost their Paperwork. This of course is wrong!

This certainly does not stop you from claiming and certainly shouldn’t. The vast majority of our clients have either lost, destroyed or do not have their original Loan or Credit Card statements or agreements. Yet as long as we know who the lender is we can approach them to establish if PPI was applied and if it was look at making a claim to recover the Payment Protection Insurance and the interest accrued on the premiums up to any settlement as agreed by the lender.

Of course if there was no PPI or if the borrowing details cannot be located by the lender for some reason then we charge no fee so the worse that will happen is you find out whether you have PPI and if the answer is no there is no fee to pay. The only time a fee is charged is if we are successful in obtaining a refund on your behalf where we will then charge a fee of 20% plus VAT (equivalent to 24% inclusive) on the amount recovered.

I know customers have spent hours rummaging through their attics and old files frantically looking for paperwork, of course if they do and locate details great, but if not or if you have other things to do with their time we can still look into the claim.

About 80% of our clients do not have any paperwork when it comes to making a claim, we can obtain the information direct from the lender in many cases into the 1990’s and in a handful of cases we have been successful in finding details and obtaining a refund into the 1980’s. The remaining 20% of client’s claims consist of those that do not have account numbers and of course the vast majority of our clients have no idea whether they have had PPI attached to any of their accounts.

It is important that you find out if PPI was applied to any borrowing you may have had I the past as it can bring claims if there was PPI that run into several thousand pounds and even if it is just to satisfy your curiosity it is a worthwhile exercise and to put your mind at ease.