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What Is Payment Protection Insurance?

Payment Protection Insurance is an insurance product sold alongside your loan or credit card to cover your monthly payments in the event that you become sick, unemployed or suffer an accident.
If you have ever taken out a loan or a credit card then there is a good chance you were sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) to cover you in the event that you are unable to meet your monthly payments. In theory, the insurance seems like a useful product, however, in practice PPI is often mis-sold and many people are unable to make a claim on the policy due to exclusions and clauses.

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  • Have you taken out a loan or credit card in the last 25 years?
  • Did you take out Payment Protection Insurance?
  • There are a number of reasons why you may have been mis-sold.
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You could be owed £1,000s.

PPI Questionnaire Why You Should Claim

PPI has generated huge profits for the banks and they have been known to use high pressure and unethical techniques when selling this product. In many instances of mis-sold PPI those who have been sold PPI don’t actually need it, it may never pay out when you do need it or you could have existing cover already e.g. sick pay through your employer. You may not even be aware that you have PPI.
Our experienced and friendly claims handlers take on some of the biggest financial institutions who have mis sold payment protection on your behalf. We aim to ensure your payment protection insurance claim is successful and you can claim back the money you deserve.

Who We Claim From

Recover Your Money Ltd can help you claim back PPI from any lender you may have had a loan or financial agreement with.
We aim to recover at least 100% of your PPI Premium on a no win no fee basis.

Questionnaire I have a PPI policy, what should I do now?

It’s absolutely disgusting that the banks were able to get away with mis selling PPI for so long without the FSA taking action. So was the banks reaction to the rules imposed by the FSA in handling PPI complaints.
Fortunately, they have buckled under the pressure and now agreed to the following provisions:

  • £3.2 billion – Lloyds Banking Group
  • £1 billion – Royal Bank of Scotland
  • £1 billion – Barclays
  • £270 million – HSBC
  • £100 million – Clydesdale Bank
  • £100 million – Co Operative Bank

Although the actual cost of repayments may well be double as recent figures released by the FOS indicate that the average payout is now £2,750.

Anyone thinking of making a claim, should remember:
NEVER PAY ANY FEES UPFRONT as it more than likely to be a fraudster posing as a claims management company

PPI Mis-sold Questionnaire

Were you:

  1. Customer was told the actual borrowing would likely only end up being accepted if he or she took out Payment protection insurance along with it
  2. Customer recected the offer of PPI however it was still added to the loan
  3. Customer was not awere that they had been sold a PPI aggreement
  4. Customer was not told that commission would be paid to the seller for including a PPI policy
  5. The terms and conditions, particularly exclusions were not made clear to the customer
  6. The loanee was ineligible for PPI because he or she: was in full time education, out of work, was in part-time employment, was over the age of retirement or had a pre-existing medical problem
  7. Customer was not offered a choice of a month-to-month premium policy
  8. Client was advised that Payment protection insurance was mandatory
  9.  Loanee wasn’t asked about his or her health background
  10. Client wasn’t asked about any kind of pre-existing protection he or she may already have