Pension Annuity Mis-sold by Prudential

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October 3  

The FCA have just found the Prudential guilty of mis-selling SIPPS.  As a result if you had or have a SIPP with the Prudential you could be owed compensation for this mis-sale. If you had or have any financial product with the Prudential it is worth checking not just if you believe you were mis-sold a Prudential SIPP.

Did I have a Mis-sold Prudential SIPP? 

If you have had any financial product with the Prudential it is worth checking especially if it was or is a SIPP. The Prudential mis-sold the products they sold in a number of ways. From not providing correct advice, through to not supplying alternatives that would have been better suited to their clients than the products that they were offering. Their telephone service was targeted for criticism at the way they dealt with call and the advice that they provided.

Can I claim Compensation if my SIPP was Mis-sold?

There is a very real chance that if you had or have a SIPP through the Prudential you could be I line for compensation for the loss incurred as a result of any missale. There were a number of failing with the sales process that Prudential adopted from poor information and options to inaccurate promotion of unsuitable products. Products promoted were not done so with the customers interests and financial needs at heart but the financial gains from commissions the Prudential and its advisors could earn.

Should I be Worried if my Pension was Mis-sold?

 Due to the long term nature of any Pension it is important that it is checked regularly. There is no point checking it when you are due to make use of its benefits as by then you could well be stuck with any bad advice. Of course even if you are drawing on a Pension we can still go back and check whether it was correctly sold and if not fight for financial address. Ultimately you want to avoid this and make sure any long term financial investment you have is correct.

How do I know if my Prudential pension was sold Correctly

The simple answer is you don’t know if your Prudential SIPP was mis-sold, but if you had one it is a must to check. Mis-selling of any long term investment can be financially disastrous. You are looking forward to a future of financial comfort to find out many years before the product that has given you peace of mind ion the background comes back to bit you on the bum. Not due to your actions but those who sold a product not fit for purpose. The worse that can happen is that after checking it is given a free bill of health. Using our service is completely free if this is the case as we purely work on a no win no fee basis where our fee is 24% inc VAT of any refund agreed.

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